Time Bandits – Tuesday 25th October 2022

On Tuesday 25th October, the Time Bandits will be back at Chillingham, this time in full Tudor mode. It’s 1570 and Middle March warden Sir John Forster will be in residence, not necessarily a welcome guest, (he’s a bigger villain than all the reivers combined) and he’ll have the Countess of Northumberland with him – not by choice, she’s a virtual prisoner while Sir John negotiates with the Scots to have her renegade husband returned to England to face trial for treason, while the Earl of Northumberland’s younger brother plots with Forster to replace him. Meanwhile the borderers are restless as ever and Dacre of Naworth is plotting more treason … this is real history, and this reality outdoes anything you’ve seen on Game of Thrones! The Spanish are involved as you’d probably expect and there’s this strange business of ‘The Enterprise of England’. Besides, we’ll have plenty weapons and kit for you to handle.’