Chillingham Castle boasts some of the highest levels of paranormal activity in the country, with a large collection of spectres and apparitions spotted by visitors over the years.

The poet Longfellow begins an apt description of Chillingham with the following verse:
”All houses in which men have lived and died are haunted houses:
Through the open doors the harmless phantoms on their errands glide,
with feet that make no sounds upon the floors.”


Ghost Tours

You might be lucky enough to spot them during the day but for the best chance, you should visit the castle at night on one of our highly-popular, guided ghost tours – exploring the haunted areas of the castle and grounds.

Ghost Tour Dates

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Oct 2019Nov 2019Dec 2019
Tue 22nd Oct, 5:30pm (Family Tour under 16's)Fri 8th Nov, 8.00pm SOLD OUTWed 4th Dec, 8:00pm
Tue 22nd Oct, 8:00pm SOLD OUTFri 15th Nov, 8.00pm SOLD OUTFri 6th Dec, 8:00pm
Sat 26th Oct, 8:00pm SOLD OUTSat 16th Nov, 8.00pm SOLD OUTFri 6th Dec, 9:00pm (Ghost Hunt)
Sat 26th Oct, 9:00pm (Ghost Hunt) SOLD OUTFri 22nd Nov, 9.00pm (Ghost Hunt) SOLD OUTSat 7th Dec, 8:00pm
Thu 31st Oct, 5:30pm (Halloween Family Tour for under 16's) SOLD OUTSat 23rd Nov, 8.00pm SOLD OUTFri 13th Dec, 7:30pm
Thu 31st Oct, 8:00pm (Halloween) SOLD OUTSat 30th Nov, 8.00pmSat 14th Dec, 8:00pm
Thu 31st Oct, 10:30pm (Halloween) SOLD OUTFri 29th Nov, 8:00pmFri 20th Dec, 8:00pm
Thu 31st Oct, 10:30pm (Halloween) SOLD OUTFri 22nd Nov, 8:00pmSat 21st Dec, 8:00pm
Tue 29th Oct, 8:00pm SOLD OUTWed 6th Nov, 8:00pmFri 27th Dec, 9:00pm (Ghost Hunt)
Thu 24th Oct, 8:00pm SOLD OUTMon 18th Nov, 8.00pmSat 28th Dec, 8:00pm
Thu 31st Oct, 8:00pm (Halloween) SOLD OUTSat 23rd Nov, 8:00pm
Fri 25th Oct, 5:30pm (Family Tour for under 16's)
Sun 27th Oct, 8.00pm SOLD OUT

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Extracts from recent visitors in Chillingham’s Haunted rooms.

“I felt this hand on my arm.  It was a most friendly feeling and I believe someone was trying to guide me to see something”.

“My camera just would not take a picture of the orbs and lighting I actually saw.  Yet, when I developed my film, there were just those same orbs, but in different places and rooms. Literally, all over the place!”

“The guide told me not to be frightened, and funnily I was quite happy, even with the distinct whispering I heard in the King Edward Room”.



The White Pantry Ghost

In what is called ‘The Inner Pantry’, a frail figure in white still appears.  The silver was stored here and a footman employed to sleep here and guard it.

Historically, one night, when the footman had turned in to sleep, he was accosted by this lady in white. Very pale, she begged him for water. Thinking it was one of the castle guests, he turned to obey.  Suddenly he remembered he was locked in and no visitor could have possibly entered!

This same pale figure is seen today, and it is thought the longing for water suggests poisoning.

The Ghost in the Chamber

Not all the ghosts are those we see.  Some are merely felt as ‘Impalpable impressions on the air,’ as the poet, Tennyson, says.  There is this sense of something unseen, yet distinctly moving. It can be a chill, dark, creeping sensation, or maybe just an oppressive atmosphere.

Voices in the Chapel

In the Chapel, beside the Great Hall, the voices of two men are often heard talking.  It is never possible to follow their words, and they stop talking if one makes serious efforts to trace them.

Ghosts in the Courtyard

When the moonlight casts shadows of the battlements across the worn flagstones, it is positively hard not to see the shades and shadows come to life.

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