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The Elizabethan and Mediaeval State Rooms have housed many historic wedding feasts, and the Courtyard has seen all that colourful pageantry.  The South Lawn fountains and the glorious Italian garden are ideal for lasting wedding photographs.  Check “Grounds” for park and garden designers where the Italian Garden was laid out in the 1828 by Sir Jeffrey Wyatville, fresh from his triumphs at Windsor Castle.

Remember! Here you have a beautiful wedding at any time of year.
The Great Hall, Minstrels Hall and Courtyard are all dramatic and there for you; walk outside to see the South Lawn and fountains then down the steps to the Italian garden with its own fountain, massed hedges and flowers. 
There are fires in these rooms, the gardens are calmer, but walk in the woods where the magnificent trees are in their full beauty.  Then, take your glass of champagne to the lakes and life is perfect indeed. 

Weddings have the romance of huge log fires, with candlelight and flaming torches in the ancient courtyard.  Brisk scenic walks restore warmth and appetite.  
These weddings can be an idyllic dream as Chillingham gardens and parkland become carpeted with snowdrops, daffodils or bluebells according to season.
The Castle has accommodation for some forty guests, and there are many B&Bs in the area for your remaining guests.  This Castle accommodation can make “your day” into an historic and ever memorable event.  Your guests to drink without driving!  It is all a great added scope to your ultimate day.
Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, for all Weddings Chillingham Castle can provide the ultimate setting for your great day.


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