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The Grounds

Situated in the romantic grounds, the Castle has commanding views of the surrounding countryside with local farmsteads and the scenic grandeur of the Cheviots.

The formal gardens and woodland walks are all fully available to your guests.

The Italian Garden
A most rare survival from 1828, by Royal garden designer Sir Jeffrey de Wyatville. The famous herbaceous border is the longest in Northern England. The far wall, 15 feet thick, is a jousting grandstand from ancient days.
Woodland Walks
As you walk to the lake you will see, according to season, drifts of snowdrops, daffodils and bluebells and an astonishing display of rhododendrons.
The Lake
The beautiful lake fringes the park often you can see the famous Chillingham Wild Cattle in the distance. Badger, fox and deer may be seen, with duck, fish and frogs in the bullrushes.


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