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  Visiting Chillingham
  •  Local Area
  •  Directions and Parking

Local Area

11th Century Chillingham Church
Visit the 1440 alabaster figure of crusader knight Sir Ralph Grey and his Lady.  Sir Ralph famously took Roxbrough Castle, at night, with just 81 men at arms.  Sir Ralph then held the fort against a furious King of Scotland and his armies.  The tomb is the finest in the land, (outside a cathedral!).  There are charming memorials and Crusader grave stones in this church which dates from the 1100s.  See the local leaflet.

The Cheviot Hills
Amongst the oldest in the country, these mountains, gently rounded with age, rise soft, serene and spectacular, and ever inviting the walker, with challenges for the young. 
Alnwick Castle
A fine museum of art and history. 

Alnwick Gardens
A £50,000,000 construction don’t miss it if you have enjoyed your visits to Alton Towers or Disney Land. 
Sea Side and bathing
So near, just 20 minutes away. 
Bamburgh Castle
Much painted by the great and a fine building on the sea. 
Wallington Hall
A lovely drive through the heather hills, and a fascinating collection of book and paintings.  Visit Floors Castle and Mellerstain House and many other historic homes and buildings.  Stone Age Forts and ancient stones, and just ask for your special interest…it is there in abundance.


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