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Torture Chambers


A visit to the Torture Chamber is not for the faint hearted. It displays interesting and gruesome implements of punishment (we hope no longer used in this country), including a stretching rack, cages, a bed of nails, nailed barrel and spiked chair.

The serene face of the Iron Maiden is supported by a horrible, larger than life size hinged and spiked casing to hold a live body.  The thumb screws, chains, leg irons, cages, man traps and branding irons remind of a world long past.
The Castle Dungeon is lit by one small arrow slit in the thick wall, the chamber is marked with the crudely-cut letters carved by sad prisoners.  A trap-door in the floor reveals the very genuine bones of a child in the vault below. Early inmates have scratched their ‘diary’ with incised lines, one for each day.


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